All orders are shipped by UPS Express unless otherwise explicitly stated by the customer.  Customer is responsible for all shipping charges- a standard fixed price of 50 EUR per shipment.  Furthermore, for all international shipping the customer is responsible for all duties and taxes associated with the shipment. Once shipped by UPS, the order will be supplied in within 2-3 business days.

 If a Fed-Ex, UPS or DHL account number is given by a customer to ship their order on, or if we are instructed to ship on an account you have on file, and once shipped we are advised that the account number is invalid or un-billable, the customer is responsible for all shipping charges. If a package is lost, all claims must be made through E. Yalon International Trading Ltd Importing and our shipping insurance carrier.

If you wish to have custom shipping to fit your needs other than the options stated, please contact us at +972-3-6806529 or +1 - 888 -77YALON [+17-8887792566) or email us at [email protected]  

Processing Time: 

All orders of SWAROVSKI crystals are subjected to a 2-7 business days processing time. This is only if the products are in stock in the company's offices or in SWAROVSKI. Special cases where products are not in stock or not available for immediate supply for any reason will be dealt with separately and personally. We will contact you in order to find the best solution we can offer for your needs.

All our other products differ in supply times and is effected by a wide range of elements as well as the specific order that is desired. Therefore, for other products' supply time (for example corporate gifts, optic, Create Your Style products etc.) we will inform the customer the specific supply time upon returning a quote.