Our jewelry line

Offer your customers our stunning, bestselling Swarovski Crystals jewelry line!


How does our crystal jewelry line differ from others?

Swarovski Branding Tag

Yalon's jewelry line is made with high-quality materials, designed and branded with SWAROVSKI crystals.

The SWAROVSKI tag includes a verification code, offering your customer the ability to confirm the authenticity of high-quality materials as well as usage of genuine Swarovski crystals.

Each verification code is unique and can be confirmed at SWAROVSKI'S website.


High Quality Materials

Our jewelry is made from either Sterling Silver or high quality brass, with thick durable 18K gold 0.5-micron plating or 0.2-micron rhodium plating.
All items are free of any toxic materials.

925 Sterling Silver Earrings

All our earrings are made of sterling silver, and therefore are also suitable for sensitive ears.


You can shop with confidence, knowing that we offer an excellent warranty service! Warranty terms start automatically from the time of purchase and are valid for 6 months.

Warranty coverage includes:

  • Damaged or broken items
  • Repair of Swarovski crystals; replacement of lost crystals
  • Broken chain replacement
  • Production errors
  • Non-arrival of orders

If you have any inquiries regarding this or any of our other policies, please contact our Customer Service representatives

High End Technique

Our jewelry is designed using a high-end technique that makes it lightweight, sparkling and elegant.

Resizable Bracelet Clasp

All bracelets are offered with a unique, innovative, resizable clasp, designed to fit every hand size.

Yalon's Jewelry line is elegant & classic, designed to fit a large range of women worldwide. Our pieces are designed with a fashionable innovative touch.