In an era of “stuffocation” and data manipulation, with algorithms feeding us our product choices, consumers demand, not only to look different, but that their products are created to reflect their individuality. Driven by the “Selfie generation” even previous group activities, such as karaoke, are being overturned. And it does not end there, individualized technology called Ego-Tech, where technology makes actual consumption decisions for the individual consumer, has arrived.

Today, Kentucky Fried Chicken in China scans people’s faces and, based on aspects such as skin tone, face shape and emotional state,algorithms put together a recommended menu for the individual. Cosmetic companies, such as Lancôme, offer the possibility to create a truly customized foundation based on an individual skin scan, and mood measuring monitors in clothing stores make color choices for consumer’s clothes. Welcome to the age of extreme individualization – where the message is abundantly clear – it is time to just Be Yourself!

Trends FW 2019/20


Check Yourself

Seeking a degree of continuation and stability, a new, individualized format is being honored in urban settings with “heritage” re-issued in various designs.


Find yourself

A desire to reconnect sees off-grid living and down-to-earth styling become mainstream. Designers find individual inspiration with creations rooted in nature, celebrating natural landscapes.


Excess Yourself

Desiring bold, individual expression, consumers take to excessive volumes. “Luxe Minimalism” is a core component in large, attention-attracting design elements.


Dress Yourself

The rise in “experience” design has led to the ascent of dramatic and theatrical statements for everyday dressing. More-is more continues its approach, offering a sense of personalized, theatrical overstatement.

Product Innovations FW 2019/20

Imperial cut Pearl Family Coldfix Application Crystal LacquerPRO
Imperial Cut Pearl Familiy Coldfix Application LacquerPro Delite Family

New Core Assortment

New Core Assortment

Swarovski's new core assortment offers a selection of 30 products in 6 colors, making it the biggest standard assortment in the industry.