Metal settings - Soldering, plating & setting Swarovski crystals

Customized Solutions

Whether you are a jewelry wholesale store, a jewelry designer or an accessories brand, here at Yalon crystals you can find all customized solutions for your collection.

We can supply you with a  finished product, soldered, plated and set with Swarovski crystals for your needs.

We can also co-design with you, customize the products with soldered parts according to your needs, and plate your material of choice.

Either small or high volume, our long experience allows us to mass customize a wide range of metal settings and motifs, that match perfectly to Swarovski crystals and will create a stunning unique jewelry collection.

Our experienced staff includes a team of jewelry designers and Swarovski crystals specialists and will be happy assist you with any inquiry or request you may have.

All parts and crystals can be purchased separately at competitive prices. 

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