14X10 Pears, 10X5 Navettes Semi Finished Earrings - Pack of 5 pairs

Soldered and plated Semi finished earrings

These earrings are made from soldered & plated frames for gluing, perfectly suited for Swarovski Crystals:

4320 8X6mm, 4228 10X5mm

For Suitable Swarovski Crystals - please select size 14X10 for 4320 and size 10X5 for 4228 at the following link and choose your favorite Swarovski Crystals Colors for these earrings:



Item is available in durable 18K gold plating, Rhodium plating, Rose gold plating, Antique Silver plating and Antique Gold plating.

Please select your requested plating color at the dropdown menu.

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Swarovski article for 14X10 Pear - 4320

Swarovski article for 10X5 Navette - 4228

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Material Brass

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